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Weekend Getaways From Malda

Malda is one of the small beautiful city, which is surrounded by many interesting destinations. When in the town you can visit some other nearby places like the Tomb of Fateh Khan, Luko Churi Gate, and some other places such as the Gumti Darwaza and Dakhil Darwaza, Sagar Dighi, Pandua, Lottan Mosque, and some other important places. You will be able to spend nice time at this place while browsing through the nearby cities. Most of the places are just few kilometers away from the Malda. Hence, tourists will have wide variety of options to visit. There are several attractions nearby Malda, which can be visited during the weekends with families and individual as well.

Tomb of Fateh Khan near Malda

Fateh Khan Tomb Malda
Fateh Khan Tomb

When you visit Malda, you must visit the Fateh Khan Tomb constructed during the 17th century and is near to the Kadam Rasool Mosque. One can observe the Hindu Chala style of tomb with simple design. Fateh Khan was commander of the Aurangzeb. Today this tomb is visited by many tourists.

How to Reach Fateh Khan Tomb ?

Fateh Khan Tomb is also located in Malda district, and can be reached via buses or railways. Even you can visit this Tomb in a vehicle as well.

Pandua near Malda

Pandua is another beautiful attraction which is popular as the Firuzabad or the Hazrat Pandua. Two historical cities found in the Malda district of West Bengal State, that was launched by Sams-ud-Din Firuz Shah. During 1339, the Allauddin Ali Shah moved his capital from the place of Gaur. Then Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah acquired Pandua and handed over to the Gaur in 1453. Overall, it is a wonderful tourist spot, that should not be missed.

How to Reach Pandua ?

Pandua is little far from the city of Malda or Malda, which takes about 5 and 1/2 hours to visit the place by bus or taxis. There are no airways available for this region; however, you can also reach this location through railways as well. One can visit this place from Malda Railway Junction to the Pandua Railway Station.

Luko Churi Gate near Malda

Luko Churi Gate, which is also known as the 'Lakhchhipi Darwaza' was the attractive gate that was constructed long years ago. As per the records, this gate was constructed during 16th -17th century (1665) by the emperor Shah Shuja. In this place, Sultan used to play the hide and seek with many wives.

Weekend gateways near Malda
Luko Churi Gate near Malda

How to Reach Luko Churi Gate ?
To visit Luko Churi from English Bazar, you must first move to the Malda town, which is the nearest location to this Luko Churi Gate. The Place can be reached either through Railways or buses. There is not airport here at Malda. But, the nearest airport is found to be Bagdogra, from where you can reach Luko Churi Gate.

Baisgazi Wall near Malda

Baisgazi Wall is another beautiful attraction. Also known as 'Jahaz Ghata' it is located very near to the Malda. It is the big ancient structure, which appears as the boundary wall to the protective building known as the 'Ballal Bati'. Here, one can observe several mango trees, which became a home to many numbers of foxes.

How to Reach Baisgazi Wall ?

Baisgazi Wall is situated for about 17.9 kms away from Malda and can be reached within 32 mins by car and 45 minutes by bus, and 40 minutes by local auto-rickshaws. Though railways are convenient, it is better to catch the bus or go by your private vehicles, either two wheeler or any four wheeler vehicles to visit Baisgazi Wall.

Gumti Darwaza from Malda

Gumti Darwaza has been constructed by the Allauddin Hussein Shal during the year 1512 at the north-east region of the Chika Masjid (Mosque). This structure of the Darwaza is created out of the mud, clay or terracota and bricks. While, it is said that, the decoration of the mosque is done by the original gold.

Weekend escapes near Malda
Gumti Darwaza

How to Reach Gumti Darwaza ?

Gumti Darwaza is found to be approximately 17.6 kms from Malda Junction, and can be reached within 30 minutes if you visit by car or any private vehicles. In case, you travel by bus, it takes 45 minutes to reach this place of Gumti Darwaza. You cannot move to this place directly from Malda; but, you can move to the town of Malda, which is nearest place to Gumti Darwaza.

Sagar Dighi near Malda

Sagar Dighi of Malda is a large tank built during the 12th century, and is established as Royal Buildings over 4 corner sides, that provides a visual pleasure to the tourists. The beauty of this place appeals colorful birds that visit from far places during winter.

How to Reach Sagar Dighi ?

This place of Sagar Dighi can be reached easily by auto rickshaws, as well as local buses and cars. The best way to reach this place is through bus or car, which takes about 3 hours from the city of Malda. You cannot reach Sagar Dighi by railways or airways, as it's very near to Malda.

Dakhil Darwaza near Malda

Dakhil Darwaza is one of the main attractions in Malda, where the eastern bank of the River Bhagirathi is said to be the source of a huge fort, while the north gate is called as the 'Dakhil Darwaza' (Salami Darwaza), that was constructed in the year 1425. This gate is highlighted with a height and weight of 21 and 34.5 meters respectively. It is the main entry to the fort, whose entire structure is constructed with the small red bricks and terracotta carving. There are four corners for this Dakhil Darwaza and are topped with 5-storeyed high towers.

Famous places in Malda
Dakhil Darwaza

How to Reach Dakhil Darwaza ?
This place Dakhil Darwaza is about 15.9 kms from the Malda town, and takes just 20 minutes by car and 43 minutes by bus.

Kadam Rasul Mosque near Malda

Kadam Rasool Mosque gets its name through the stone tablet, where the Prophet Muhammad keeps his holy foot. The footprints of the Prophet Muhammad has been preserved in the mosque, which was constructed by the Sultan Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah during the year 1530. The main thing that makes this mosque so popular is due to its four black marble towers (over four corners).

How to Reach Kadam Rasul Mosque ?

This place of Kadam Rasul Mosque is about 17.6 kms from the city of Malda and can be reached within 32 minutes from the Malda and 50 minutes from Malda, if you visit this location by car, else it takes little more time by bus, than it usually takes when you visit by car or any other kind of private vehicles.

Lattan Mosque near Malda

Mosques in Malda
Lattan Mosque

As per the historical records, this Lattan Mosque was constructed by the Sultan Shamsuddin Yusuf Shah during the year 1475. The mosque is established between the mosque (Tantipada) and the Bridge which has Five Arches. This Mosque is found to be excellent preserved structures in the antique city of Gaur, which is now available in the English Bazaar. There is a complex mina work done using varied colors over the interior and exterior walls of the mosque that looks splendid in different colors like the green and blue, the violet and yellow. Such a beautiful color loop has also given other name to the mosque as 'The Painted Mosque'. One can observe the octagonal pillars that support the arched roof of the mosque. This mosque is created using bricks, and includes a square shaped prayer chamber, that measures up to 10.36 meters on every side. It also has the prayer chamber with three arched openings on every side of the entrance. Also, the roof over the square prayer chamber is appreciated with a single dome.

How to Reach Lattan Mosque ?

This attraction of Lattan Mosque is just 18.7 kms away from the Malda City, and can be reached in just 30 to 50 minutes depending upon the traffic. Thus, you can reach this place via buses or taxis, or you can visit by cycle rickshaws or auto-rickshaws. Visiting the place via railways or airways is not a good idea, as the place is too close to the Malda city.

Eklakhi Mausoleum in Pandua near Malda

This Mausoleum is found to be an excellent sites established in Pandua, where the inscription of Lord Ganesh is installed, as well as one can find the burial place of the son of a Hindu Emperor. Thus, this place has become a great destination for the the tourists, who gather at this location throughout the year in large numbers.

How to Reach Eklakhi Mausoleum ?

The Eklakhi Mausoleum that lies in the district of Malda, which is about 16.5 kms from the town of Malda, and somewhat about 21 kms from Malda. This Mausoleum can be visited either by bus or cycle-rickshaw or auto-rickshaw. Also, you can move to this place through the local taxis or car. These are the only methods to reach Eklakhi Mausoleum.

Adina Deer Park near Malda

Among the few interesting places near Malda, even the Adina Deer Park holds the great place. This Park is just 20 kms off from the city of Malda, and is located in a very beautiful location that witness several deers in the natural park, where there are various species of Cheetals or Spotted Deers as well as the Nilgai are found. One can also observe many migratory birds at this region, because of which it has become the great tourist destination.

Places to visit near Malda
Deers at Adina Park

How to Reach Adina Deer Park ?

This Park can be reached either by bus or cycle rickshaws; even there are many auto rickshaws available to visit Adina Deer Park. One can also visit this park by car or taxis, else you can even take two wheeler to reach this beautiful place. Adina Deer Park is approximately 29.7 kms from the city of Malda and 35 kms from Malda. It hardly takes 40-55 minutes to reach this park.

Jagjibanpur near Malda

Jagjibanpur is one of the famous destination established very near to the Malda, and is just 35 kms away from the city of Malda. Jagjivanpur has been a main archeological sight, which was once a discovery place of an inscription of the copper-plate that was developed by the Pala emperor known as the Mahendrapaladeva. This structure remains as the 9th-century Buddhist Vihara as well as the Nandadirghika and the Udranga Mahavihara. Tourists will be able to watch the excavation work that is still carried out till today, while the early remains of a complete ruined city is found here.

How to Reach Jagjibanpur ?

One can visit the place of Jagjibanpur via car or bus similar to other places near by Malda, and can be reached within 6-8 hours. Though there are other means of transport, it is better to reach this place via car or bus; you can even choose Railway as a means of transport in order to reach the city of Jagjibanpur. But, you need to get down at Malda Railway Junction and from here, you can travel by bus or local vehicles.

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